Grad Trip Half Done

2015-05-26 02.00.45 1
2015-05-27 07.30.32 1
2015-05-28 05.06.42 2
2015-06-01 05.09.35 1
2015-05-25 03.34.26 1
2015-05-27 02.43.52 1
2015-05-25 10.05.00 1

Right now I’m in my Split, Croatia apartment typing this while waiting for my grad trip mates to be finished with their shower so that I can wash off the sand that has been stuck to my body since this morning’s beach “adventure”.

Grad trip has been amazing thus far, and I wish that I could keep this space updated with all the beautiful pictures (and the accompanying outfits *cough cough*) but alas, my Surface is not equipped to handle bulk editing so those posts would have to wait.

I’m slowly falling in love with Europe. I’m not sure whether it’s because I find myself so unrestrained here. When I feel like having gelato, I have it. When I want coffee, I get it. When I feel like I need double servings of meat, I order it. I’m literally stuffing my face across Europe.

But apart from the food and the sins that accompany a month long grad trip, I’m also falling in love with Europe and its soul. When I say Europe I mean Europe as known by the locals, not known by the tourists. I find myself enjoying Europe the most when I get to walk the streets freely, admiring all the beautiful architecture, people watching, feeling the cobblestone streets knead into the soles of my shoe. The tourist attractions are breathtaking, don’t get me wrong. But in the end the only way to know the city is to get to its heart. And it’s beautiful.


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