Buttons in Barcelona

IMG_4104 (1)

It is now 5am in the morning and my eyes are still blooming open. The jetlag is real, friends.

Finally back in Singapore after spending nearly a month abroad traveling across Europe. Hopping from one city to another, sometimes spending only a night in one city has been tiring, but extremely exhilarating as well.

Still, towards the end of the month, I could only heave a sigh of relief knowing that I was about to go home. It has not been easy lugging a 30kg luggage all across Europe, running for trains, praying at the customs check-in that they wouldn’t penalize me for an overweight luggage, dragging the luggage over cobblestone streets which for some reason the entire Europe decided to pave their streets in this manner, resulting in several occasions where more than audible expletives were muttered. My love for cobblestone streets has truly been severely challenged.

Today’s outfit was shot in Barcelona, a beautiful vibrant city that is full of life. Shot this outfit at Barcelona’s “Gherkin” and La Rambla, Barcelona’s shopping district. Barcelona is a haven for all Spanish brands (read : Zara, Massimo Dutti). I wish I could say that I didn’t spend an entire day shuffling between the infinite branches of these two shops but … yes, I did. I’ll get to doing a Men’s Shopping Guide to Shopping in Barcelona once my wretched desktop decides not to quit on me.


Leather Jacket from Zalora / Shirt from Define by Sabotage Store / Khaki Shorts from Qoo10.SG / Leather Weave Belt and Messenger Sling from ASOS / Tasseled Loafers from Dr Martens

Photographed by @enigmaticdesires


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