Roaming in Rome


When people ask me about Rome, all that comes to mind is the Vatican City. Period. That was how amazing the experience was, stepping into the Vatican City. You read about it the newspaper, and in books. You watch scenes of it in movies and documentaries. But nothing compares to physically witnessing it yourself. There aren’t many tourist spots that could make the claim that the actual experience surpasses the online experience, but the Vatican City is undoubtedly one of those that can.

My first encounter with the St Peter’s Basilica was when I watched Angels and Demons. Terrible, I know. But being non-religious, the significance of St Peter’s Basilica was very much tied to the movie and the scenes in which it was featured, and boy did it blow my mind away. Just imagine this behemoth of a church, glossed in gold carvings and intricate paintings, whilst everyone walked around in silent admiration.

Mind you, it wasn’t easy to get into St Peter’s Basilica. Despite reaching the Vatican City at 9.30am, we still had to queue for 1.5hours, with the sun slowing roasting our backs while we dealt with annoying pricks who constantly badgered us about getting a special tour to “skip the line.” But I would absolutely go back to the St Peter’s Basilica again, even if I had to queue.

The outfit I wore for the visit to the Vatican is yet another reflection of Europe’s schizophrenic weather. T-shirt and faded jeans, with a fall trench-coat when it gets cold. Comfortable, yet adequately respectful for a day of touring religious sites.


Double-breasted Trench Coat from Topman / V-Neck T-Shirt from Zara / Jeans from Far East Plaza / Tasseled Loafers from Dr Martens / Arm Candy from Punk Candy SG / Watch from Casio / Shades from Police


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