A day in Florence

201506011354719399 img_7038 img_7016 IMG_7013 img_7010 img_7007img_7033

Florence wasn’t exactly a part of the trip that I was looking forward to. Apart from the fact that it had The Mall and the famous Florence leather market, there was nothing innately interesting or exciting about the place. When we first arrived by train from Rome after what could only be described as a traumatic morning, Florence looked like a run of the mill Italian town : unimpressive.

As it turns out, I was wrong, and short walk around made it clear to me that first impressions simply don’t count, and I quickly fell deeply in love with this quaint little town. Florence was stunningly picturesque. Every snapshot was painting-worthy. You could almost hear a symphony of accordions playing as you let the river breeze run through the crisp air. Don’t believe me? Just look.

IMG_7107_1 img_7103 IMG_7118 img_7147 I don’t fancy myself as someone who falls in love with scenery, but when confronted with such a masterpiece, it’s difficult not to.

I’ll see you again, Florence.


T-Shirt from Korea / Faded Jeans from Far East Plaza / Sneakers from New Balance / BackPack from MCM


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