In the City of Dubrovnik


If you had asked me what I thought about Dubrovnik a month ago, I would have responded with a nonchalant shrug. Sure, it was pretty, I guess…. Not exactly the most breathtaking of places I have visited. It wasn’t the most alive of places. Most of the activity in Dubrovnik was confined to the Old Town. And mind you, the Old Town is situated at the bottom of Dubrovnik, and that meant walking down at least a thousand stone steps from our apartment to get there. You can only imagine what it meant for us to get back to our apartment.

Then a strange thing happened when I started to process the photos taken while I was in Dubrovnik. Suddenly, all I could remember was how beautiful it was. I even shared the images in my grad trip whatsapp group chat with the caption : “Is this really Dubrovnik??” And you know what, I thought back about all the cities I visited during my Europe trip and came to a startling conclusion that, hey, Dubrovnik was easily the most beautiful town of the lot.

And that isn’t an observation that’s difficult to justify :


So I would, with no hesitation, blame the ridiculous heat for marring my Dubrovnik experience. We chose a bad time to visit the city. The sun was merciless. I was hot. I was sweaty. I struggled with a dilemma when the wind blew because while it cooled me, it caused my shirt to stick to my back and we all know how terrible that feels. I turned red with frustration and above all, in my infinite wisdom, I chose to wear black on the day we did the city walls tour (read : a 3km walk along the perimeter of the city with no shelter whatsoever)

To its credit, it did provide me with a spectacular view of Old Town, Dubrovnik once I managed to look past the heat. Which was never.


Here’s what I would recommend for those intending to give Dubrovnik a visit. Do it. But choose a good time where the sun doesn’t obscure its beauty. Because sitting in the comfort of my air-conditioned room right now and looking at the beautiful landscape shots I took, I can’t remember the heat but I can remember the allure of the city.



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