A Split second for a breather


The Split, Croatia leg of my Europe tour couldn’t have came at a more ideal time. After the mad rush to visit all the tourist attractions in Italy (read : Rome), and surviving the unbearable heat in beautiful Dubrovnik, I was all tired out.

Split was a very different kind of vacation for all of us. No early morning alarms in order to catch another tourist attraction, no incessant clicks from the camera, no transport woes. Instead, Split was all about freshly baked goods in the morning, cheap €1 coffee, great food and easily the best pasta I had in my entire trip. It was about afternoons at the beach, adrenalin dives from the pier and slow walks in the gorgeous Diocletian’s Palace. It was also about al-fresco dining at dusk while a nearby saxophone band serenades you and your companions. End the day off with a guilt-laden gelato stop, and the food coma is ready to lull into slumber for the night.


It was as if time came to a slow, grinding halt and it was lovely.

Take it from me. If you planned an entire trip down to the minute, the exhaustion would diminish any pleasant experience towards the end of the trip. Plan for a breather. Set aside time to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes, having no plan, is a good plan. Not every failure to plan is a plan to fail.


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