Dressing for London


I never really thought much about London. USA was such a visible part of my life, having been there four times, and having images of its cities and countryside played over and over again in multiple forms of media. London on the other hand, had a more subtle way of infiltrating itself into mass media. Unless you watch a dedicated British film or documentary, what you see are merely snippets of it. In its fleeting appearance in movies and TV shows, here’s what I got about London. It’s generally wet, gloomy, and everything is made of stone. That’s what I saw.

What I heard, is entirely different. I’ve had a fair bit of friends who’ve been to London before – for exchange, studies, vacations whathaveyou etc. And they literally wax lyrical about London. Had any of them been musically inclined, they would have written a musical about how great London is.

So I went into London with high expectations. Really high. I mean, it’s the city where my current favourite TV show is filmed – Sherlock. It’s the city where the best series ever, written by the best writer ever is set in – Harry Potter. And if it’s good enough for Harry, Ron and Hermione, it sure as hell is good enough for me.

And good enough for me it was. The usual phenomenon that happens is that when you’ve been so hyped up for something, that high bar you set for it could turn what is extraordinary, into ordinary. That was what happened with Inside Out (curse you Internet.)

Not with London though. London had enough extraordinary to survive even the highest of inflated expectations. She blew me away.

IMG_7898 (1)-01

And when you’re in love, you want to look your best for your loved ones. Unsurprisingly, I reserved my best outfits for London. I made it a point to bring back that glorious era that Mad Men so excellently portrayed. And this outfit was one of them.

But somehow it seemed only I was stuck in that era, as evidenced from the stark contrast between myself and real Londoners…

Nevertheless, if there ever was a time and place to be dressed in a three piece ensemble, London would be that place. And London has easily overtaken every other city I’ve traveled to, to become my favourite city in the world. I can’t wait to be back. ❤


Fall Trench from Top Man / Vest from ASOS / Oxford Shirt from Uniqlo / Mickey Mouse Tie from Primark / Jeans from Uniqlo / Tasseled Loafers from Dr Martens / Leather Bag from Florence Leather Market


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